Automated Germicidal UV-C Systems

Installing your germicidal UV-C system

We can install a state of the art germicidal UV-C system in your space in as little as a day. Here's how it works:

To ensure the system is tailored to your space, we prefer to conduct a site inspection before installation. You can also send us your building plans and we can tailor the system to your space using those.

Next, we speak to you to find out how you use your space, what structures it contains and when it’s unoccupied. We set the system to work automatically around your schedule so that the system turns on automatically and safely disinfects your space at the most convenient time to you and your business

The efficient installation process can be complete in as little as a day. Numerous fail-safe measures are integral to ensure the system only disinfects when it is supposed to.

Once installed, we remain in regular contact to ensure you are getting the most out of your system. We set up comprehensive reporting so that you can monitor the performance and effectiveness of the disinfecting lights every day, and return to site to maintain the lights as necessary. We also closely monitor all fail-safes to ensure that the system is safe at all times.

Once the lights and system is installed, knowing it’s cleaner and safer. 

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