How it works

Automated Germicidal UV-C Systems

Bacteria & UV-C light exposure

How it responds

Every bacteria and virus tested to date responds to UV-C light exposure and when applied correctly, it’s proven to break down the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria on all surfaces it is exposed to. It is however, also proven to be harmful to humans.


1st of it's kind in Australia

Advanced automated system & software management

To minimise human exposure, we have integrated an enterprise grade security system that includes:

Remote management

Leave it to the lights!

Our system is fully automated and managed remotely. That means once it’s installed, your organisation can continue to operate without interruption, whilst the UV-C technology is functioning at maximum efficiency.


Additional peace of mind

Cleaner air

For an extra level of safety we can retrofit UV-C systems in both air conditioners and ventilation systems for cleaner, better quality air. Our UV-C air filtration systems will also reduce air conditioner and ventilation maintenance and stop cross contamination.

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